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Daphne Mobley, LLC offers transformative presentations that provide useful insights and/or strategies that can be applied in many different situations. The presentations are designed to engage, energize, entertain and educate audiences.

Speaking Topics


  • A Veterinarian's Story: How My Dog Healed Me
  • The Healing Power Of Pets
  • Other Timely Pet Topics
Career & Life
  • Dr. Mobley’s 5 Success Principles
  • From the Bronx To The Boardroom (Dr. Mobley’s journey)
  • Climbing The Career Ladder During Tough Times
  • Networking To Increase Your Professional Net Worth
  • Overcoming The Odds
  • Think Before You Transition
  • Mentors & Sponsors Matter
  • Breaking Out Of Your Funk & Discovering Your Passion


Daphne Mobley, LLC uses coaching processes that guide people to reach their professional goals and overcome the challenges that confront them in their lives.


Career satisfaction and advancement are extremely vital to personal fulfillment. Coaching assists individuals as they develop and implement plans to advance their careers. Daphne Mobley, LLC offers career coaching to support individuals on their journeys to achieve career success.


Outstanding leadership performance is critical to any organization's success. In order for a business to reach industry leading performance, its leadership must be well equipped to direct the organization toward its goals. Daphne Mobley, LLC works very closely with leaders to support them in reaching their full potentials in leading organizations and employees to new heights.


Businesses and employees alike must remain nimble and rapidly adapt to change in order to be successful. They must anticipate change and plan for it before they encounter it. Whether it is a new role, a different phase of life or a company's cultural transition, Daphne Mobley, LLC offers coaching support for people who are impacted by or wish to prepare for these changes.

Work/Life Integration

At times employees may find that balancing their organizations' needs with their personal lives may be overwhelming. Research shows that people are more innovative when they have time to do the activities they enjoy outside of work. Coaching can provide the necessary insights that will allow people to find solutions to this major issue that impacts the performance of so many people who are working in business today.

Personal Development

There are times when individuals decide to develop further and improve the quality of their lives. Daphne Mobley, LLC offers coaching methods that assist people to burst through the barriers in their paths by using Dr. Mobley's 5 success principles for success in people's personal lives.

As a presenter, Dr. Mobley is stellar. First, she is lively with a quick persuasive style that pulls her audience into her topic. She also brings intelligence and substance to her presentations so that the people listening to her not only enjoy her work, but gain insights from listening. Indeed, Dr. Mobley is able to infuse her talks with lessons learned from her vast corporate experience as a strategist and executive while helping her audience make connections to their own lives. Second, she is a true professional.

-Dr. Ancella Livers,
Senior Faculty, Center For
Creative Leadership